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Mannufacturers tent to increase massive production meanwhile decrease the unqualified product rate. Rubber manufacatuers are the same. Rubber seal ring is a loop of elastomer with a round cross-section. It’s also known as seal rubber rings. It was designed to be seated in a groove and compressed during assembly between two or more parts, creating a seal at the interface. It’s made by injection molded procedures.

We usually use a 2D光学分拣检验机检测o形环。他们非常小尺寸的公关oducts. For offline inspection, we can feed a number of rings into the vibration feeder, the mechanism will hold them with motion and make them ready to stand in sequence to a conveyor belt. The rings are one by one carried to a rotary glass plate, which we called the inspection section. The cameras are standby to capture images of each ring. After the image processing system finish the data transmission, the machine will take action to the rings. OK rings will be carried to a delicate output while NG rings to another output.

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 39

Sipotek Visual Inspection Machine 39


Tony Rogers解释了在注射成型期间可以在一部分中发生的一些模塑缺陷。包括十个常见的缺陷。

  1. 流线。它们是条纹,图案或线条 - 常用于颜色 - 由于熔融塑料的物理路径和冷却轮廓而通过称为“门”的入口部分,所示的原型部分。然后流过工具腔并冷却。
  2. 沉没标记。当冷却时间或冷却机构对于塑料不足时,通常会引起凹陷标记,以在模具中完全电气和固化。它们也可以是由于腔内的压力不足,或者在栅极处的过度温度引起。所有其他相同的,注塑部件的厚部分比薄的成型更长,而不是薄的部分,因此更有可能是沉积物所在的位置。
  3. Vacuum voids. Vacuum voids are pockets of air trapped within or close to the surface of an injection molded prototype. They are often caused by uneven solidification between the surface and the inner sections of the prototype.
  4. 表面分层。表面分层是由于污染物材料而出现薄表面层的条件。这些层看起来像涂层,通常可以剥离。看起来像毛刺。外国物料,从成品分开的熔融塑料中,因为污染物和塑料不能粘合。他们不能粘合的事实不仅对原型的外观产生了影响,而且对其强度进行了影响。污染物用作塑料内的局部故障。
  5. 焊接线。它们更像是平面,而不是出现在熔融塑料彼此相遇的一部分中,因为它们从模具的两种不同部件流动。
  6. Short shot. It can be described as a situation where a molding shot falls short. This means that the molten plastic for some reason does not fully occupy the mold cavity or cavities, resulting in a portion where there is no plastic. The finished product becomes incomplete. Sometimes we call it missing materials.
  7. 当模塑部件的不同部件中存在不均匀的收缩时,翘曲是发生的变形。结果是扭曲,不均匀或弯曲的形状,其中没有意图。它通常由模具材料的不均匀冷却引起。模具不同部件中的不同冷却速率会导致塑料变化,从而产生内部应力。当释放时,这些压力导致翘曲。
  8. Burn Marks. Burn marks are caused either by the degradation of the plastic material due to excessive heating or by injection speeds that are too fast. Burn marks can also be caused by the overheating of trapped air, which etches the surface of the molded part.
  9. 喷射是指由于注射速度而导致熔融塑料不能粘附到模具表面的情况。流体,熔融塑料在显示在注塑部件表面上的喷射流的波浪折叠的状态下固化。当熔体温度过低时发生,熔融塑料的粘度变得太高,从而增加其流过模具的电阻。
  10. 闪光是一种模塑缺陷,当一些熔融塑料从模腔逸出时发生。逃生的典型路线是通过分割线或弹射器引脚位置。该挤出冷却并保持连接到成品。


Started in 2002,SipotekTechnology is located in Shenzhen in China. The company designs and manufactures目视检测系统凭借其前卫研发部门和在人工视觉技术方面的伟大经验。Sipotek技术人员支持客户360度,从听他们的发展要求机器视觉系统for quality control.


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